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  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Rockstar commercial real estate and business broker
  • World traveller
  • Super dad
  • The guy that makes you smile 🙂

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What I do

Or what is it I don’t do?

I Smile.

Life is nothing without happiness. I’ve always chosen to do what I love, and smile my way through every day.

I Build

Building companies, building net worth, building a better future for everyone I know. That’s my purpose in life.

I Win.

A win for you, is a win for me. Helping my friends and clients win everyday, makes me a winner.

Want to chat?

Sure I’m busy… but I love making time to talk with anyone I can. Click below to schedule a call with me! 

My projects, companies and passions...

It’s been said “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do.”  Here’s what I’m currently working on….


“Working with Jason took a lot of stress out of this whole process. He was easy to reach whenever I had questions and his continued follow-up shows the value he puts on all his clients. I would recommend none other than Jason to help with any real estate needs.”

Christy Kim, Business Owner

My story

Born in Orange County, California and having lived in 3 different countries growing up, I was forced to have a more global view of things from a very early age. From the early days of selling things in my front yard or door-to-door as a kid to running family business in my teens, then scaling and working for small and large companies in my twenties, I eventually returned back to exclusively focus on entrepreneurial ventures.

I have a true passion for business, so aside from my other businesses, focusing my time an effort serving as commercial real estate and business broker has always made the most sense. Helping my friends and client start, build, grow and eventually sell their companies, gives me such satisfaction. Aside from business, my other interests include tech, travel and food.

I'm always interesting in discussing! how we can win together